What is JudoAdvisor.com?

Why this site?

This site has been created to be a source of information for Judo athletes, that being Judo competitors of any level. Specifically it is aimed at those athletes that are just starting down the long road of competition. Those that perhaps are rewaching beyond the club and area and looking at National or International challenges.

Many people at this stage have little support till much later in the journey. It is not till later often that they have access to the advisors that will help them along their way. This is even more true for those players who are not based in the big Judo nations like Japan, Korea, Russia, France, Germany, etc.

The aim of this site is to give Judo athletes access to information, that they might not be able to access otherwise. To give Judo athletes a second opinion. To give those without support an opportunity to be supported. It is not the aim of this site to work against existing support mechanism or to replace your club or national coaches. The aim is that this site will help you work with these important people.

So what will be covered?

This site will not be covering things for recreational practitioners of Judo. It will not be looking at the grading syllabus or how to tie your belt correctly. Nor will there be lectures on etiquette, history and other important Judo elements. This site is about the sport of Judo and the athletes that play that game.

This site will cover preparation and performance of the game of Judo.

We shall talk about mental skills, physical skills, Judo skills. Tactics, technique, training. This site is all about preparing to be and the act of being a Judo Athlete. It is about the sport of Judo, not the other elements of Judo. These elements shall only be covered if and when they intersect with winning Judo competitions.

To that end, you will find on this site regular posts about a wide variety of activities that will help a Judo athlete perform at their highest potential. Some shall be Judo specific, some will be based on Science and some will be simply there as information for you to consider.

How to participate?

This is a new site, started on the 19th of January 2009. It is freash and open to being moulded by those people who visit it…. you!
Please participate in this website and help ensure it delivers what you need/want. The best way to do this is by leaving comments on the articles posted on this site. The second best method is to email the author of the articles and ask questions.

When you do comment or email, please say what you like, what you dislike. Say what you would like to see and ask questions for your own personal benefit.

Please imagine that this website is being written just for you, the author(s) are your personal writers, tell them what you want to know!


If you are reading this, then you deserve thanking!
This site is all about the reader, no readers, no site. So thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

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